Our exercise videos will help you maximize your workout. By learning to do each exercise in the most effective way, your workout will be as productive as possible. This section of the site will also help you to learn new exercises that work different muscle groups.

Browse exercises for all sports and Squat Variations.

Muscle groups:

90 90 Bentover Internal Rotation Band
90 90 DNS Band Reach
Anterior Ankle Ball Hit
Baby Crawling Stage Two
Back Drop Squat
Back Goalie Squat
Back Squat
Back Squat Weight Releasers
Back Squat With Bands
Back Squat With Chains
Back Squat With Pause
Balance Single Leg Box Eccentric Squat
Balance Single Leg Squat
Balance Single Leg Squat Oscillatory
Band Squat Jump
Band Squats
Body Weight Squats
Box Back Squat
Box Back Squat Bands
Box Back Squat with Chains
Box Front Squat
Box Front Squat with Bands
Box Front Squat with Chains
Bulgarian Band Squat
Bulgarian Dumbbell Squat Occillatory Reactive
Contralateral Isometric Extension Band
Deadlift Hex Bar Single Leg Eccentric
Drop Snatch
Dumbbell Goblet Squat Eccentric
Dumbbell Single Leg Oscillatory
Dumbbell Single Leg Squat Oscillatory
Dumbbell Split Squat Eccentric
Dumbbell Split Squat Isometric
Dumbbell Split Squat OC
Dumbbell Split Squat Reactive
Dumbbell Squat
Dumbbell Two Arm Prone Row Isometric
Dynamic Oscillatory Squats
Eccentric DB Psoas Single Leg Squat
Eccentric Safety Squat
Eccentric Single Leg Safety Squat
Eccentric Single Leg Squat
Front Drop Squat
Front Dumbbell Drop Squat
Front Dumbbell Drop Squat With Pause
Front Dumbbell Squat
Front Goalie Squat
Front Sport Squat Isometric
Front Squat
Front Squat Dumbbell
Front Squat Eccentric
Front Squat Straight Arm
Front Squat Straight Arm Dumbbell
Front Squat With Bands
Front Squat With Chains
Front Squat With Pause
Glute Ham Bar Single Leg Isometric
Goalie Squat
Goblet Squat Isometric
Goblet Squat Reactive
Half Rack Back Squat
Hindu Squat
Hindu Squat Oscillatory
Hindu Squat With Pause
Isometric DB Psoas Single Leg Squat
Isometric Hold Safety Squat
Isometric Hold Single Leg Squat
Isometric Split Squat and Punch
Isometric Split Squat and Rotational Punch
Isometric Squat Hold
Kettlebell Front Squats
Kettlebell Sots Press
Kettlebell Squats
Kettlebell Swing
Lateral Single Leg Ball Squat
Messier Back Squats
Messier Front Squats
Messier Squats
OC Single Leg Squat
One Arm Isometric Dumbbell Bench
One Arm Isometric Dumbbell Row
One Arm OC Dumbbell Bench
Oscillatory Single Leg Squat
Over Head Rack Squat
Over Head Squat With Shrug
Overhead Squat
Partner Med Ball Squat Press and Toss
Partner Squat Isometric Hold
Partner Squat Oscillatory
Piston Squat
Piston Squat Adaptability
Piston Squat Pronated
Piston Squat Supinated
Piston Squat Weighted
Piston Squat With Band
Piston Squat with Band Press
Piston Squat with Contralateral Arm Band Row
Piston Squat with Contralateral Band Press
Piston Squat with Contralateral Shoulder Press
Pressing Overhead Squat
Quarter Rack Squat
Reactive Safety Squat
Reactive Single Leg Safety Squat
Reactive Single Leg Squat
Safety Bar Eccentric Split Squat
Safety Bar Split Squat
Safety Bar Split Squat Isometric
Single Leg Back Squat
Single Leg Box Eccentric Squat
Single Leg Dumbbell Front Squat
Single Leg Dumbbell Front Squat Oscillatory Reactive
Single Leg Dumbbell Hindu Squat Pause
Single Leg Dumbbell Squat
Single Leg Front Squat
Single Leg Rack Squats
Single Leg Squat 2POC
Single Leg Squat Oscillatory
Single Leg Squat Pause
Split Dumbbell Squat Oscillatory
Split Dumbbell Squat Pause
Split Squat Band
Split Squat Dumbbell Oscillatory
Split Squat Isometric Hold
Split Squat with Contralateral Arm Band Row
Split Squat with Contralateral Shoulder Press
Split Squats
Sport Back Squat
Sport Back Squat Eccentric
Sport Back Squat Pause
Squat and Press
Squat and Punch
Squat and Rotational Punch
Squat Drop Jump
Squat Drop Pause Jump
Squat Holds
Squat Isometric Single Leg Under Bar
Squat Jump With Weight
Squat Toe Grab Lat. OH Reach
Squat with Band Chest Press
Squat with Band Row
Squat With Dumbbell Shoulder Press
Squat With One Arm Band Row
Squat with One Arm Dumbell Row
Squatting and Plate Press
Step up with Contralateral Shoulder Press Right
Toe Grab Squats
Toe Reach Squat
Wide Stance Back Squat
Wrist Pronation Partner Eccentric
Wrist Pronation Partner Isometric
Wrist Radial Flexion
Wrist Radial Flexion Partner Eccentric
Wrist Radial Flexion Partner Isometric
Wrist Supination Partner Eccentric
Wrist Supination Partner Isometric
Wrist Ulna Flexion
Wrist Ulna Flexion Partner Eccentric
Wrist Ulna Flexion Partner Isometric
Zercher Squat