Article Sheets

The following list of articles concern strength, speed, and conditioning training for the sport you have selected.

A Maintenance Strength Training Program
A New Approach To High School Physical Education
A New Reason For Rampant Injury In Sport
A Quick First Step
Active Recovery Has Arrived
Active Stretches For Triathletes
Adaptability Training For Track
Addressing The So-Called "Weak Pelvis"
Another Look At Athleticism
Are Beginners Being Short-Changed?
Are College Coaches Overpaid?
Are Hamstring Injuries Preventable?
Are Physioball Exercises Effective?
Are These The Best Abdominal Exercises?
Are You a Runner, Jogger, or Shuffler?
Are You Afraid Of Getting Injured?
Are You Doing Explosive Plyometrics?
Are You Hitting All Heads Of The Triceps?
Are You Really Strengthening The Core?
Are You Too Busy To Work Out?
Are Your Hamstrings Tight?
Are Your Lateral Rotators Strong?
Band Training
Becoming Injury Proof
Best Exercise For The Lats
Better Performance Requires Better Technique
Can You Be A Great Athlete?
Can You Become Explosive With Heavy Weights?
Can You Get Bigger And Faster?
Can You Prevent Ankle Sprains?
Cardiovascular Training For Your Sport
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Cluster Sets
Coaching The Squat For Taller Athletes
Combating Childhood Obesity
Contracting The Abdominals While Exercising
Correcting and Preventing Muscular Imbalances
Development of Explosive Strength and Reactive Ability for Sport
Development of Jump Exercises
Do Abdominal Exercises Need Constant Tension?
Do Athletes Need Maximum Strength?
Do Not Cross Over When Doing Hip Abduction
Do You Need High Reps For Strength?
Do You Need More Absolute Strength?
Do You Need The Hamstring Flexibility Of Chorus Girls?
Does An Animal Stretch Before Sprinting?
Does Balance Training Improve Balance?
Does Cross Training Help Athletes?
Does Lifting Faster Make You Faster?
Does The Plank Exercise Really Work?
Does Your Bench Press Hurt?
Dysfunctional Exercise Cues
Efficiency In Movement
Efficient Training Through Goal Setting
Epsom Salt Baths
Exercises That May Actually Weaken Your Back
Explode Into The Power Phase
Failing Huge
Fatigue: What System Fails First?
Get Outside Your Box
High Arches And Leg Length Discrepancies
High School Strength & Conditioning: Alternative Training For The Multi-Sport Athlete
High School Strength & Conditioning: Dealing With Sport Coaches
Holding Your Breath While Lifting Weights
How Important Is Stabilization?
Impact Injuries During Exercise
Improper Breathing During Exercise
Improving Running Economy
Individualization Of Training
Is Athleticism The Answer?
Is It A Training Effect?
Is Jump Training For You?
Is Plyometric Training Jump Training?
Is Slow Motion Training Useful?
Is The Pigeon Stretch Good For You?
Is Walking Good For Fat Loss?
Is Your Block Training Effective?
Is Your Training Specific
Is Your Workout or Exercise Functional?
Isometric Exercise Training
It's Never Too Late To Improve Player Performance
Knowledge of Muscle Function is Critical
Leg Curls Do Not Prevent Injury
Machines Vs. Free Weights
Major or Minor Muscle Training?
Make Your Practice More Difficult Than Competition
Maxing Out Without Burning Out
Most Ankle Injuries Should Never Happen
Muscle Relaxation Techniques
Non-Pharmaceutical Ways of Improving Training
Planning A Basic Strength Training Program
Plyometrics: Absorb Or Withstand Impact?
Pre-Competitive Training Or Conditioning?
Preventing ACL Injuries
Quickness, Agility, and Speed Development
Recovery Methods
Responses and Adaptations To Ballistic Training
Reverse Sit Up
Rotary Power
Runners Need Active Stretching
Running Smarter To Avoid Injuries
Running: Are You Training The Right Muscles?
Running: Can You Do Your Best Without A Strength Base?
Running: Can You Prevent Fatigue?
Running: Competing With Kenya
Running: Core Strength For Runners
Running: Cross Country Running
Running: Do Runners Have To Strengthen Their Legs?
Running: Do Runners Need The Overhead Press?
Running: Fact or Fiction?
Running: How Do You Stretch The Hip Flexors?
Running: How The Kenyans Run
Running: Is 12-20 Reps A Light Load?
Running: Is It Smart To Shorten Your Stride?
Running: Is Preparation Even Needed?
Running: Is Running On A Treadmill Different?
Running: Is Specificity Limited To Distance and Intensity?
Running: Is Your Training Developmental?
Running: Misrepresentation of Stride Length
Running: No Pain, No Gain Lives On
Running: Respiratory Muscle Strengthening
Running: Should You Increase Stride Frequency?
Running: Should You Increase Your Mileage By 10%?
Running: Should You Pump Your Arms Faster?
Running: Why Do We Still Have Heel-Hitters?
Russian Basketball
Russian Food For Thought
Scapular Stabilization
Selecting Proper Running Shoes
Setting Up Your Home Gym
Should Distance Runners Do Plyometrics?
Should Kids Specialize Their Training?
Should Parents Teach Skills
Should You Run Hills?
Should You Use Cycling Instead Of Running?
Should Youngsters Lift Weights?
Simple Muscle-Building Tips
Sometimes The Best Answer Is "I Don't Know"
Specialized Strength Training
Specific Adaptation To Imposed Demand and Transfer
Split Routines
Stretching The Hamstrings
The Benefits of Weightlifting Shoes
The Best Biceps Exercise
The Best Running Shoes
The Biceps Curl Trains More Than Just The Biceps
The Fraud of "High Intensity Training" (HIT)
The Hanging Leg Raise
The Lost Variable In The Quest For Power
The Many Variations Of The Squat
The Need For Athleticism
The Science of Muscle Building
The Squat
The Top 20 Reasons Why Teams Win
The Walking Lunge: Execution and Progression
Tight Abs Can Lead To Injury
Training Smart
Uphill Running
Using Tempos In Training
Using XL Athlete Workouts With Your Teams
We Have Come Full Circle
What Does Power Mean?
What Is A High-Level Or Elite Athlete?
What Is Dynamic Correspondence?
What Is Sport Specific?
What Is The Best Way To Warm Up?
What Makes A Great Coach?
What Should You Do Between Sets?
When Can You Start Training Young Athletes
Which Comes First: Strength or Endurance?
Why Does Running Training Only Include Running?
Why Is Science Bad In The Sports World?
Why Some Drills Do Not Improve Speed
Yoga Does Not Prevent Injury
Yoga Doesn't Work For Improving Performance
You Need Quality Not Quantity