Article Sheets

Here are a few articles containing specific skill training.

Are College & Professional Football Players Elite Athletes?
Are You a Runner, Jogger, or Shuffler?
Baseball: Can Great Hitters Make Great Hitting Coaches?
Baseball: Can You Hit The Ball Where You Want?
Baseball: Can You Spin Off Your Landing Foot?
Baseball: Curveball, Breaking Ball, Or Sinker?
Baseball: Does Talking Put The Ball In Play?
Baseball: How Many Swings Are Lost During A Season?
Baseball: Is Height Of Release Most Important?
Baseball: Should You Use A Weighted Bat?
Baseball: Which Bat Should You Use?
Baseball: Words From The Mound
Block Training For Professional Football
Do Kinesiology Professors Know About Russian Training?
Does Fitness Training Qualify As Physical Education?
Generate More Power By Throwing With Your Body
Getting A Feel For The Swing
Golf: Adding Power To Your Swing
Golf: Bending From The Hips Is A Learned Skill
Golf: Can You Control The Club Face?
Golf: Coiling Or Turning?
Golf: Do The Feet Move The Body?
Golf: Does The Club Head Have Maximum Speed?
Golf: Does The Club Move The Body?
Golf: Does The Right Shoulder Pull The Left Shoulder?
Golf: Does What We Think Happens, Happen?
Golf: Does Your Spine Angle Determine Your Club Face Angle?
Golf: Downswing Determines Power and Accuracy
Golf: Even Pros Can Improve Their Swing
Golf: Should You Have A Wide Take-Away?
Golf: Should You Rotate The Arms Or Forearms?
Golf: Should You Straighten The Left Leg?
Golf: The Arm Swing
Improving Running Economy
Is Holding A Child Back For Sports A Good Idea?
It's Never Too Late To Improve Player Performance
Neural Perplexity
Patriotism In Sport
Role of the Hamstrings and Glutes in Running
Running Smarter To Avoid Injuries
Running: Are Injuries Inevitable?
Running: Cross Country Running
Running: Do Form Drills Actually Help?
Running: Do You Know Your Level Of Mastery?
Running: Do You Know Your Performance Level?
Running: Does Lifting The Knee Make You Faster?
Running: Is It Smart To Shorten Your Stride?
Running: Is Merely Running Enough?
Running: Is Preparation Even Needed?
Running: Landing Heel-First Can Lead To Injury
Running: Misrepresentation of Stride Length
Running: Should You Increase Stride Frequency?
Running: Should You Pump Your Arms Faster?
Running: Why Do We Still Have Heel-Hitters?
Selecting Proper Running Shoes
Should Kids Specialize Their Training?
Should Parents Teach Basketball Skills?
Should You Move Into The Hit?
The Gait Analysis: Important For Preventing Injury
Think About Technique To Improve Performance
Yelling And Screaming Unnecessary In Tennis