Accelerated Band Squat Jump

-Coaching Points

-Place bands around each arm

-Pull down into the correct position as landing stiffly on to the ground.

-Explode out of the bottom

Coaching Point to Transfer Explosiveness to Sport -

By focusing on pushing through the big toe, you will see a huge improvement in their jumping ability if you add this one component to your jumping/plyometric programs. Also, in any weight lifting movement that applies extension of all three joints (at a slow or high speed) this also must be implemented to transfer weight room performance to the field. So, in your cleans, cue the athletes to push through the big toe at the top of the pull. This is not recommended for Olympic weight lifters; however, for sports performance it would be highly recommended. The walking lunge is another example of how this should be implemented. As an athlete would push and finish off the movement at the top, all the forces must be transferred off the foot to the big toe to strengthen it and emphasize its mobility and strength at the range of motion.

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The Following is the correct order of Sequencing of Exercises for Sport Performance

Training Block 1

Accelerated Band Split Lunge Pause Jump

Training Block 2

Accelerated Band Split Lunge Jump

Training Block 3

Accelerated Band Split Lunge Jump Reactive

Training Block 4

Accelerated Band Squat Jump Pause

Training Block 5

Accelerated Band Squat Jump

Training Block 6

Accelerated Band Squat Jump Reactive

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