2014 Minnesota Strength Clinic Presentations

Cal DietzTriphasic Training methods

Eric Klein – Foundations of Gopher Football

“A descriptive view into the makings of Gopher Football Strength and Conditioning.”

Mike Gittleson – The Importance Of Training The Head And Neck

Chad Pearson – Practical Programming of Athletic Speed Development

“A general guideline into why, what, and how to program speed training throughout the calendar year.”


Shea Thompson – Special Exercises in Sport and Practical Application for Quarterbacks

“Description of specialized training movements for the quarterback position.”


Dustin Perry – Testing for the Demands of the Sport – “Evolutions in sports testing from past to present.”

Dan Warnke – University of Minnesota – What is wrong with the current state of soccer training?


Carrie Peterson – University of Minnesota – Performance Sports Nutrition “Musts”


Dan Hutchinson – Performance – X Training Systems – “Performance Integration in the High School Weight Room


Matt Van Dyke – St Cloud State – Understanding Blood Lactate to Optimize Training and Performance


Scott Hintz – “How to get athletes, sport coaches, and athletic directors to buy into your program


Chuck Lobe – Flordia Atlantic University – Triphasic for novice lifting athletes: Modifications and Implementation


Andy Zalaiskalns –  United States Marine Corps – “Training Considerations for Wrestling and MMA”


Stephen Volek – University of Minnesota – Outlying variables in the acquisition of sport skills


Scott Sahli – Burnsville High School – NSCA – How to Effectively Teach the Olympic Lifts to Sport Athletes in a Group Setting – Partial Hands On Session –with Larry Meadors Phd


Gary Boros – Bemidji state university “ Programming for the Beginning Strength Coach


Matt Thome – Michigan Technological University   –   “Is The Science of Strength & Conditioning Settled?”


Kristin Zdanczewicz – University of Minnesota – “In-season recovery methods for women’s gymnastics”


Alex Luhring –  “The Four Pillars of a Strength Coach


Carson Randal – Florida Atlantic University – “Integration Methods for Incoming Athletes”


Kyle Ochsner – Northwestern College – “Olympic Weightlifting: Is It Worth It?”


Thomas Miller – Hopkins Head Strength Coach – Triphasic Application for High School Athletes


Ryan johnson – NSCA – Wayzata High School – Everyone Stronger


Scott O’Dell –East Central University- “Efficient techniques and implementations to simultaneously achieve injury prevention while increasing sports performance

Rick Brunner – Explosive Ergogenics for Athletes