A Coaching Mission Statement

After making some presentations, I have had some request to see my coaching mission statement. Please feel free to use or change this as you wish. It was inspired by Merlin Olson Family mission statement. 

Cal Dietz- Coaching Mission Statement

My coaching career will begin with serving humanity in the profession the Lord has chosen for me. I will coach by example with the sole purpose of giving and teaching future generations the understanding of servant leadership skills and the guidance to understand what’s right and wrong in the matters of humankind. I want to create a secure culture that fosters open-mindedness, learning, laughter, and teach the strive for excellence. In this environment, all persons will admit and quickly correct mistakes with evaluation of when and why those mistakes happened. I will be a good listener with an open mind and a willingness to share life lessons with other generations. I will never stop to grow, learn and seek enlightenment. I will only celebrate with the success of others and facility their path to greatness. I will take ownership to coach for the improvement of your future leaders and their effect on the betterment of humankind.