Finally a Calculator for Pre-Workout, Intra-Workout and Post Workout Calculations

The Athletes Resource Calculator A.R.C. is a Resource/Tool for Coaches and Athletes to figure out how much Protein and Carbs are needed for Each Workout!! This is incredibly important for athletes as many are not taking advantage of nutrition Peri-Workout to maximize stimulus and recovery. The A.R.C. provides numbers based on Sex, Weight, Type of Stimulus, Duration of Stimulus, and Perceived Rate of Exertion.

I hit them up for Product discount code – qnulaunch17 is  10% off until 30 SEP 2017. All products are Informed Sport Certified, so safe for athletes who are tested.

From Quantified Nutrition Website:

“The Athletes Resource Calculator (A.R.C.) is an ‘industry first’ tool, developed in collaboration with our coaches and nutritionists. Our goal is to provide athletes with a system that suggests how much of their Quantified Nutrition products they should be taking, based upon the type of physical training they are doing and how hard they are working. We are tired of seeing the suggested “take one scoop”, as if that’s a solution for everyone.  As a company, we strive to be better than that!

The A.R.C. is meant to be used exclusively with Quantified Nutrition products. Our scoops were designed to measure your Q//WHEY and Q//FUEL products within 1.5G accuracy, so you can easily measure the serving size suggested by the A.R.C.! Get exactly what you need, when you need it, and eliminate the guessing game.”