Revolutions in Speed Training Clinic

The Most Advanced and Most Speed Specific information Ever Released in a 2-day clinic

This Clinic connects many of the key performance factors from running to the weight room. 


Revolutions in Speed Training: Rewriting the Speed Playbook is the results of 3 years of work between Cal Dietz, Dan Fichter, and Chris Korfist. We are bringing you the latest in speed training based on our intensive work during the COVID years when we had time to read, reflect and create and experiment. We will range in topics from the “little things” in the weight room that make a big difference, upper body/Core training for sprints, resisted/assisted training, hamstring development, Torque-Ankle model of foot training, and a whole new group of drills that focus on tangential velocity in sprints. Dan Fichter will show how to incorporate all of the neural drills in a team setting. And of course, we will show how to implement and program. Our goal is for the attendee to finish with a notebook full of info. Stage 1 will be the classes in the screencast formula. Friday night is a classroom experience. Saturday is more hands on at the University of Minnesota’s strength Training facility.

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