Updated from High School Coach on Triphasic Football Manual

The following update is from a High School Coach using Triphasic Football Manual Program

We just finished our first eight-week cycle of triphasic training.  I played around with the lifting and added a contrast with tri-phasic to see what would happen.  It looked like this:

Two weeks – Eccentric

Two weeks – Isometric

Two weeks – Concentric

1 1/2  weeks – Deloading

½ week – testing

We are in the weight room Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday from 2-2:45 p.m.

Monday and Thursday – Upper Body Routine

Wednesday and Friday (Sprinters just spot on Fridays) – Lower Body Routine

Upper Body: 3x through the following

Bench Press – ECC, ISO, CON (depending on what weeks we were in) @120-125% of 1 RM…1 high-quality rep

Bench Press – 4 Reps @80-85% of 1RM…every 2 weeks increases 2.5%

Oscillating Bench Press – 8-10 Reps @ 50%

Plyo Push Ups with Band assisting – Until losing speed

Then, 3x through the following

Pull Ups – 3 reps of (ECC, ISO, CON) partner providing resistance

Pull Ups – 5-8 reps conventional strict pull ups, band assisted for throwers/OL/DL

Pull Ups – Oscillatory…until athlete can’t stay above mid-range

Pull Ups – Plyo (Reactive) Until failure

Lower Body: 3x through the following, %’s based on 1RM of Front squat

1 Leg Split Squat with back foot on bench – ECC, ISO, CON (depending on what weeks in) @120-125% of 1 RM…1 high-quality rep

Back Squat (Depth changes for each athlete depending on ability to keep core engaged and ankle rocker) – 4 reps @ 120-125% of 1 RM

Box Jumps – focus is on lower leg and feet, not getting on the box – 8-10 reps

Reactive drops – Until athlete can’t absorb correctly

We then go to track practice.  We do Pilates Mondays and Wednesdays with a professional instructor for 30 minutes.  Activate, Feet, drills (Bosch, etc.), and then either run fast or technical work etc.

Our kids saw a big jump in their strength numbers.  Their bodies are just now catching up this week and starting to see their times drop in the fly 10m and fly 30m (We run 2 fly 10m to start then change).  They still hate standing 150m….more than anything.

Bench – Average for group was 11.7% increase of 1RM in 8 weeks

Front Squat – Average for group was 20.1% increase of 1RM in 8 weeks

Pull ups – 32% increase on strict pull test (AVG. of 4.22 rep increase from previous eight weeks)

40 – about the same after eight weeks

Fly 10 m – all over the place the first month of the track, starting to get faster and more stable.

Vert Jump – slight increases for sprinter types, bigger increases for throwers

We are in the 2nd week of our next eight-week cycle.   The kids are sold and love it, can’t argue with results, especially when they are healthy and running faster too.  Good stuff…I will let you know how kids test after these eight weeks.