Bench Press Pin Isometric Overcoming Underhand Close-Grip

Bench Press Pin ISO Ovr UH CG

Coaching Points 

  • Retract Scapula: Pull your shoulder blades together and downward, creating stability and a strong foundation for the movement. It helps to engage the upper back muscles and protect the shoulder joint.
  • Strong grip on bar/solid wrists: Maintaining a firm grip on the bar is important for stability and control during the lift. Additionally, ensuring that your wrists are in a neutral and strong position can help prevent injury and optimize force transfer.
  • Keep elbows in line with wrists: This coaching point emphasizes the proper alignment of the elbows with the wrists throughout the movement. It helps maintain joint stability and ensures optimal force production.
  • MAXIMAL force into pins: This point suggests exerting maximum effort and force into the resistance, which could be the bar or another apparatus. It encourages generating as much power and strength as possible during the exercise.
  • Screw big toes into the ground: This cue is often used to promote stability and engagement of the lower body during a lift. By actively pressing the big toes into the ground, you can create tension and generate power from the lower body.”