Curl EZ Bar ½ Range Oscillatory

Curl EZ Bar ½ Range OC

Coaching Points 

  • Isolate the movement: Focus on isolating the movement to the elbow joint. Minimize movement at the shoulder and wrist joints, keeping them stable and immobile throughout the exercise. This ensures that the biceps are the primary muscles engaged in the movement.
  • Avoid rocking: Maintain a stable and upright position, avoiding any rocking or swinging of the body. This helps to isolate the biceps and prevent momentum from assisting the movement. Keep your core engaged and maintain proper posture throughout.
  • Middle half of the range of motion: Perform the curls within the middle half of the range of motion. This means that you should start the movement with your forearm parallel to the ground, and curl up until your forearm is perpendicular to the ground. This range of motion effectively targets the biceps and maximizes muscle activation.
  • Quick and forceful curls: Emphasize quick and forceful movements during the curling phase. Generate power from the biceps by contracting them forcefully to lift the weight or resistance. Focus on maintaining a controlled but explosive upward movement.
  • Fast relaxation of the biceps: After completing the curl, quickly relax the biceps and allow the weight or resistance to lower back down. Avoid slowing down or resisting the downward phase of the movement. This helps to promote the fast-twitch muscle fibers in the biceps and improve overall muscle strength and power.