Glute Ham Raise 2 Band Assisted Rebound

GHR 2 Bnd Asst Reb

Coaching Points

  • This exercise incorporates 3 Way Foot Position Integration for Athletes Posterior Chain Series
  • This exercise incorporates the Integrated Foot Shift-Posterior Chain Series 4.0
  • This exercise incorporates the Angular Shank Loading Model – Posterior Chain Series
  • Pulling the Chest Down and Utilizing the Band: Initiate the movement by actively pulling your chest down towards the band. Use the resistance provided by the band to create a rebound effect, generating power and momentum for the subsequent movement.
  • Engaging the Hamstrings: Utilize the strength of your hamstrings to pull yourself back off the band and return to the starting position. Focus on engaging and activating these muscles throughout the exercise to optimize performance.
  • Maintaining Alignment: Pay attention to maintaining proper alignment of your hips, shoulders, and knees throughout the exercise. This ensures optimal biomechanics and reduces the risk of injury. Keep your body in a straight line and avoid excessive rotation or tilting.
  • Speed and Repetitions: Perform the exercise with speed and aim for quick repetitions. Emphasize explosive movements while maintaining control and proper form. Focus on the quality and speed of each repetition to maximize the benefits of the exercise.
  • 3 Way Foot Position Integration: Incorporate the concept of 3 Way Foot Position Integration for Athletes Posterior Chain Series. This involves using three different foot positions or movements during the exercise to target and engage different muscles of the posterior chain. These foot positions may include variations such as inversion, eversion, and neutral. The specific foot positions will depend on the exercise and programming.
  • Integrated Foot Shift-Posterior Chain Series 4.0: Integrate foot shifts or changes in foot position into the exercise to further challenge and engage the posterior chain muscles. These shifts can be performed dynamically or statically, depending on the specific exercise and programming.
  • Angular Shank Loading Model – Posterior Chain Series: Incorporate the principles of the Angular Shank Loading Model for the posterior chain series. This model focuses on generating force and power through the shank or lower leg during movements that target the posterior chain muscles. Emphasize proper foot placement, ground contact, and driving force through the glutes and big toe to optimize performance.