Hip Flex Standing Band NXCIT Oscillatory Isometric

Hip Flex Stnd Bnd NXCIT OCI

Coaching Points

  • Start in an acceleration stance: Begin by positioning yourself in an acceleration stance. This typically involves slightly leaning forward with your torso, placing one foot slightly ahead of the other, and having your knees bent. This position helps you generate power and explosiveness as you initiate the movement.
  • Utilize the band: Place the band around one leg, securing it against a fixed point or anchored object. Ensure that the band is taut and provides resistance against your leg movement.
  • Opposite leg and hand positioning: Lift the leg that is not attached to the band and bring it up in front of you, keeping your knee flexed. At the same time, raise the opposite hand, palm up, to create a counterbalance effect. This positioning helps maintain stability and proper body alignment during the movement.
  • Hit the band with your knee: With explosive force and power, drive your knee forward, aiming to hit the resistance band as hard as you can. This action creates a forceful and rapid knee strike against the band, engaging your hip flexors and other lower body muscles.