Incline Bench Press 1080 Bottom ½ Staggered

Incline Bench Press 1080 Bot ½ Stagg

Coaching Points 

  • Proper setup: Instruct the lifter to position themselves on the bench so that their lower chest is directly under the bar. This ensures a stable and balanced starting position.
  • Grip and unracking: Teach the lifter to grip the bar with hands slightly wider than shoulder-width apart, maintaining a strong and secure grip. Before unracking the bar, instruct them to twist their wrists so that the hooks are facing away from the pegs. This allows for a smooth and controlled unracking of the bar.
  • Controlled descent: Emphasize the importance of a controlled descent of the bar towards the chest. Instruct the lifter to lower the bar in a controlled manner, maintaining tension and stability throughout the movement. This controlled descent helps engage the muscles effectively and reduces the risk of injury.
  • Intent and speed: Encourage the lifter to approach the upward phase of the bench press with intent and speed. Instruct them to press up with maximum force and aim to move the bar as fast as possible while maintaining proper form. This explosive intent helps recruit more muscle fibers and can lead to strength and power gains.