RDL Dumbbell Isometric



– power position or jump position

– Lightly touching thighs

– Knees slightly bent

– Arms straight

– Back flat or arched

– Regular grip (or hook grip or straps)

– Focal point straight ahead


– Bend at hips only

– Knee angle stays the same throughout

– Bar descends slowly and under control

– Flat footed throughout with no pressure on toes at all

– Back stays flat or arched throughout

– Lower the weight as far as good technique and flexibility allows

(below the knees to mid-shin)

– Should feel it in the hamstrings throughout

(coaching hint: the athlete should feel it in the hamstrings)

– Arms stay straight throughout

– Focal point straight ahead throughout


– Same as descent but in reverse

– Finish at same position as Start

(keeps low back holding a static position)

You will end movement with a shrug at the top