Rotational Shot Toss Med Ball Single Arm

Rot Shot Toss MB SA

Coaching Points

    • Foot positioning: Ensure that the feet are aligned with a slight stagger, with the lead foot slightly behind the back leg. This staggered stance helps with stability and allows for a smoother transfer of power from the lower body to the upper body during the throw.
    • Hip movement: Emphasize initiating the throwing motion from the hips. The hips play a crucial role in generating power and transferring it through the body. As the thrower, focus on rotating the back hip forward explosively to create torque and generate power.
    • Sequential movement: Teach the thrower to initiate the throw by driving the back hip forward, followed by a transfer of energy through the core, shoulder, and arm. Emphasize the importance of a smooth and sequential transfer of power from the lower body to the upper body, leading to an efficient and powerful throw.
    • Arm action: Encourage a strong and dynamic arm action. The throwing arm should follow a natural throwing path, with the elbow leading and the arm accelerating through the release point. Focus on maintaining good arm mechanics, such as keeping the elbow up and following through with a full extension of the arm after releasing the ball.