Row ½ Kneeling Cable Ipsi-Lateral Oscillatory

Row ½ Kneeling Cable Ipsi OC

Coaching Points 

  • Ipsilateral setup: Position yourself with the knee on the same side as the working arm bent up and forward, creating a stable base. The weight should be predominantly on the opposite leg to maintain balance and stability.
  • Alignment and posture: Ensure that your shoulders are directly over your hips, promoting proper alignment and optimal force transfer. Maintain a tall and upright posture throughout the exercise.
  • Scapular movement: Drive your elbow back forcefully, allowing the scapula (shoulder blade) to move through its full range of motion. This emphasizes scapular retraction and engagement of the muscles responsible for pulling the shoulder blade back.
  • Violent pull and punch: Generate power by pulling back violently with your working arm, initiating the movement from the muscles of the back and shoulder. Follow the pull with an explosive punch forward, engaging the muscles of the chest, shoulder, and arm. Focus on speed, power, and coordination between the pulling and punching actions.
  • Range of motion: Aim to move through a full range of motion during the exercise, allowing for maximum muscle activation and coordination. Focus on pulling back as far as possible and extending the arm fully forward with each repetition.