Row ½ Kneeling Cable Single Arm Ipsi-Lateral Oscillatory

Row ½ Kneeling Cable Bnd Ipsi

Coaching Points 

  • Ipsi-lateral stance: Instruct the individual to adopt an ipsilateral stance, where the left arm is paired with the left leg positioned forward. This stance provides stability and balance during the exercise.
  • Pull and relax with intensity: Encourage the individual to pull with maximum intensity and speed. Instruct them to generate as much force as possible during the pulling action. Emphasize explosive and powerful movements to engage the targeted muscles effectively.
  • Short-range movements: Instruct the individual to perform short-range movements, typically ranging from 3-5 inches. These small movements in a disadvantaged position help isolate and target specific muscles. Focus on the quality of the movement rather than the range to maximize muscle activation and control.
  • Keep working elbow near or at the torso: Emphasize the positioning of the working elbow. Instruct the individual to keep their elbow near or at the torso throughout the exercise. This helps maintain proper alignment and engages the targeted muscles effectively.