Shock Row Jammer Ipsi-Lateral

Shock Row Jammer Ipsi

  • Coaching Points
    • Ipsilateral stance: Assume an ipsilateral stance with the leg on the same side as the working arm forward. This alignment promotes coordination and stability during the exercise.
    • Arm position: Start with your working arm fully extended, with the hand holding the weight or resistance tool. Ensure a secure grip on the weight or resistance tool.
    • Violent rip back: Initiate the movement by violently ripping the weight back with your working arm. Use the muscles of your back, shoulder, and arm to generate power and speed. Pull the weight back until your elbow reaches a 90º angle, emphasizing a forceful and explosive movement.
    • Aggressive punch out: Immediately after reaching the 90º angle at the elbow, aggressively punch the weight forward, extending your arm fully. Generate power from the muscles of your chest, shoulder, and arm. Focus on speed, explosiveness, and full range of motion during the punch-out phase.
    • Stop at the extended position: Once your arm is fully extended, immediately stop the weight or resistance tool at this position. This helps develop control and stability in the movement, as well as prevents excessive strain or momentum.
    • Continuous repetition: Repeat the rip-back and punch-out movement continuously, maintaining a fluid and rhythmic motion. Aim for a seamless transition between the two phases, maximizing power and efficiency.