Slam Med Ball Right Foot Staggered Overhead

Slam MB Right Foot Stagg OH


Coaching Points:

  • Stance and Positioning: Emphasize the importance of a balanced stance with the right foot slightly ahead of the left foot. This provides stability and enables quick movement.
  • Grip and Ball Control: Teach the players to have a secure grip on the ball, ensuring that they have control throughout the motion. This is especially important during the violent slam.
  • Timing and Rhythm: Emphasize the importance of timing the movement with the correct footwork. Players should coordinate the slam with the landing of their right foot, allowing for a smooth and explosive motion.
  • Arm Swing: Teach the players to extend their arms fully overhead with the ball before the slam. Emphasize using the entire arm to generate power and control during the downward motion.
  • Slam Technique: Encourage players to slam the ball forcefully into the ground, using their entire body to maximize power. Emphasize a controlled yet aggressive movement, focusing on accuracy and consistency.