Standing Horizontal Hip Pull Isometric Yielding

Standing Hor Hip Pull ISO YLD

Coaching Points 

  • Alignment and Setup: Ensure the athlete stands with their right leg on the floor and their right hand supinated (palm facing up). Feet should be approximately shoulder-width apart. Emphasize proper posture, with the spine aligned and the shoulders pulled back and down.
  • Hip Positioning: Instruct the athlete to push their hips forward by engaging the glutes and core muscles. Encourage them to maintain a neutral spine throughout the movement.
  • Ground Engagement: Emphasize the importance of driving the big toe of the right foot into the ground. This will help create stability and activate the muscles in the lower body, particularly the glutes and quadriceps.
  • Isometric Yielding: Explain to the athlete that the goal of this exercise is to isometrically hold the position and create tension. Encourage them to focus on contracting the muscles of the right leg and hip, while maintaining stability and balance.
  • Duration and Progression: Start with shorter holds, such as 5-10 seconds, and gradually increase the duration as the athlete becomes more proficient. Monitor the athlete’s form and stability throughout the exercise, making sure they can maintain proper alignment and engagement.