Sample workout with Advanced Triphasic Training concepts Legs Day 2

 Advanced Athlete Triphasic Training Block 1 Day Two

MAx Effort Triphasic Training Day

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In Block one of training The focus is Eccentric strength/withstanding force and Tissue remodeling with the heavy loaded eccentric training for two weeks to cause actin and myosin damage so the immune system cleans it out and then it gets rebuilt stronger.

Block 1 – 2 Weeks possible leg Programs

The leg training for the first two weeks,  block-1-eccentric-above-80-triphasic-training-back-squat (Click Blue names on PDF to see video) is those athletes whose spine and physical fitness levels are acceptable to perform squatting 3 days a week. 95 percent of my athletes fall into this category. the second possible program during this Block is for this athletes that can’t due Spinal loading for any reason , block-1-eccentric-above-80-triphasic-training-single-leg-strength . The third, possible is a little load single leg work, non of my athlete completed this because of the focus of remolding. block-1-eccentric-below-80-triphasic-training-single-legs-speed

Block 1 Eccentric above 80 percent, the eccentric focus, is a very intense nature,