Triphasic Institute Generation 4 Programs

Unlock the full potential of your athletic journey with the Triphasic Generation 4 Programs, a groundbreaking paradigm shift in athletic performance training. Drawing upon over two decades of evaluating athletes from diverse sports backgrounds, we understand the profound impact that optimal movement patterns can have on your performance. These patterns, the hallmark of elite athletes, are not elusive secrets; they are skills that can be cultivated and enhanced. With our Generation 4 Programs, we’ve harnessed the power of meticulous testing and training to help athletes attain and sustain these patterns, setting them on a trajectory toward athletic excellence.

In a world where athletes often find themselves trapped in suboptimal movement patterns, our programs are the beacon of hope. We’ve witnessed athletes within the same training environment exhibit similar issues in their movement, hinting at the role of off-season training methods in shaping these patterns. With a decade of dedication to pattern assessment and optimization, we’ve arrived at a transformative solution. Our Triphasic Generation 4 programs are not just about short-term gains; they empower athletes to perpetually refine their optimal movement patterns throughout their seasons, ensuring consistent excellence in their performance.

Key Gen 4 app benefits: All exercises have 3–5 alternative choices to create options in any gym or location.

List of Generation 4 Programs

Multi-Sport Athlete Advanced 14-18 Years of Age Off-Season 3-Day Full Body for 6 Weeks 

Multi-Sport Athlete Intermediate 14-18 Years of Age Off Season 3 Day Full Body for 6 Weeks

Multi-Sport Athlete Advanced 19+ Years of Age Off Season 3 Day Full Body for 6 Weeks

Multi-Sport Athlete Intermediate 19+ Years of Age Off Season 3 Day Full Body for 6 Weeks

Experience the next level in athletic performance with our Multi-Sport Athlete Program for the Off-Season 3-Day Plan! Tailored to ambitious athletes seeking dominance in their sports, this comprehensive training regimen features sport-specific exercises scientifically proven to maximize results. Unleash your potential with 2 weeks of strength isometric work, followed by 2 weeks of cutting-edge power exercises, and culminating in 2 weeks of weight room exercises specifically designed for speed development. Elevate your game and unlock your true athletic prowess!