Unleash Your Athlete’s Highest Potential with XLAthlete and Triphasic Training Generation 4 Training Programs!

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Are you ready to take your athletes to the next level? XLAthlete.com and Triphasic Training are thrilled to introduce our Generation 4 training programs, designed to elevate your athletes’ performance and help them achieve results that speak for themselves. With over two decades of testing and refining, we’ve developed a treasure trove of concepts and methods that have propelled athletes to Olympic and World Championships.

These programs are not your run-of-the-mill training routines; they are a culmination of years of dedication, research, and success stories. These programs include many principles; here are a few. What’s even more exciting is that you don’t need to spend years learning these methods. We’ve made it easy for you by launching these programs in our user-friendly apps.

With XLAthlete’s Generation 4 training programs, you can access hundreds of game-changing concepts right now. Unleash your athletes’ highest potential, boost their performance, and keep them in the best shape of their lives. Don’t miss this opportunity to transform your athletes into champions. Get started today!

Get the app for the Generation 4 programs here.


Multi-Sport Athlete Off-Season High-Performance Programs


Soccer Programs in Generation 4 High-Performance Programs


Football Off-Season High-Performance Program 


Football Off-Season Programs with the ProPerformance Optimizer Tool


Hockey Programs in Generation 4 High-Performance Programs


Lacrosse Programs With the ProPerformance Optimizer Tool