Organ Quick Flush Protocol



In order to implement the protocol, take the following under advisory:


  1. Try to eat low-fat on the day of the flush
  2. At 6:00 pm stop eating or drinking
  3. At 8:00 pm mix and drink: 8oz apple juice w/ 1 tablespoon of Epsom Salts 
    • It does not matter what kind of apple juice organic 100% pure is best
  4. Mix Epson salt in until fully dissolved
  5. Drink within one to two hours
    • Note that you may have a vigorous bowel movement
  6. At 10:00 pm mix and drink: four oz. 100% grapefruit juice, four oz olive oil four oz classic coke
    • Drink 12 oz. drink as best you can
    • Any olive oil will do
    • One Ruby Red grapefruit will provide just enough juice
  7. Lay on right side and bring right leg up near chest for about 45 minutes
  8. Sleep through the entire night on your right side close to fetal position.
  9. Immediately lay down
    • Repeating the next morning is optional
    • Complete this flush once a week for eight weeks; once per year
    • Once a month after the eight weeks
    • Note that you will likely excrete green pea like balls come out in your feces from various ducts in body


NOTE: Only Complete the night before an off day,  once every 6 months.