Unlock Athletic Potential with JumpMetrics Pro: The Ultimate Jump Squat Training Tool”

Jump Metric Pro Calculator 

Are you tired of guessing the optimal training loads for jump squats and want to unlock your athletes’ true potential? Look no further! Today, we’re excited to introduce you to a revolutionary tool that takes the guesswork out of jump squat training. It’s called JumpMetrics Pro, and it’s here to revolutionize your athletic development program.

JumpMetrics Pro: A Game-Changing Training Tool

JumpMetrics Pro is a user-friendly tool designed to help coaches and athletes determine the perfect training loads for jump squats, tailored to specific training goals. It’s a simple yet powerful calculator that requires only two inputs: your athlete’s body weight and their hands-on-hips vertical jump measurement.

Understanding Hands-on-Hips Vertical Jump

Before we dive into how JumpMetrics Pro works, let’s clarify what we mean by “hands-on-hips vertical jump.” This measurement is all about assessing an athlete’s vertical jump height. If you have the hands-on-hips vertical jump measurement, you can use it directly. However, if you only have the regular vertical jump measurement, simply subtract 10% from that value to approximate the hands-on-hips vertical jump.

How JumpMetrics Pro Works

Visit the Tri Phasic Training website and navigate to the Tri Phasic Calculators section.
Look for the “JumpMetrics Pro” calculator, which was formerly known as the “Jump Squat Calculator.”
Input your athlete’s hands-on-hips vertical jump measurement and their body weight into the calculator.
Optimal Load for Different Training Goals

JumpMetrics Pro provides you with specific jump squat loading recommendations based on your training objectives:

Speed Training: If you’re focusing on speed and plyometrics, JumpMetrics Pro will recommend an optimal load. For example, if your athlete achieved a hands-on-hips vertical jump of 25 inches and weighs 185 pounds, the tool might suggest using 45 to 50 pound total of dumbbells.

Power Tendon Training: Athletes like basketball players who require power in their tendons can benefit from specific loading recommendations. For power tendon training, JumpMetrics Pro might recommend holding 95 pounds, divided between the dumbbells, for an athlete with a 30-inch hands-on-hips vertical jump and a weight of 250 pounds.

Power Muscular Training: If your athletes need to build strength and power, JumpMetrics Pro can guide you with recommendations like using 135 pounds for a muscular power-focused regimen.

Tailored Training for Optimal Results

JumpMetrics Pro is your key to tailoring training loads for jump squats, ensuring you get the best possible results. Whether you’re training for speed, power tendon strength, or muscular power, this tool takes the guesswork out of the equation, helping you make informed decisions for your athletes’ workouts.

Don’t let uncertainty hold your athletes back. JumpMetrics Pro is a highly effective and underutilized tool that can transform your training programs. Say goodbye to trial and error, and start optimizing your jump squat training with JumpMetrics Pro today. It’s time to unlock your athletes’ full potential and take their performance to new heights!


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