Adaptability Training

This is a unique type of training that will challenge you to push yourself to another level. Adaptability training is something that you would complete 3 days a week and not longer than 3 or 4 weeks in a row. You will notice that instead of sets and reps, you are given a time frame to lift as many reps and sets as possible in the given time depending on the level you choose. You can pick a weight that you could perform 15 to 20 reps with maximum effort. After you have picked the weights on the prescribed exercises you are ready to begin that exercise cycle. Select 2 exercises, opposite to each other. An Example would be to start with Dumbbell Incline and complete 5 repetitions then quickly go to the Lat Pull Down and complete 5 additional repetitions. Then without rest complete the set again and again for the amount of time on the workout sheet, the time will depend on the level of difficulty you choose. Try to keep the same weight during the exercise sets. Mark off the number of the sets in the box numbered 1-30 after completing the last exercise in each set. Complete as many as possible in this sequence until the time is completed. Then follow the prescribed rest and go on to the next groups of exercise. Print a new sheet every workout to keep track of the sets on a weekly basis.

Each week or workout you should increase the sets or increase the weight. Keep your weights the same throughout the complete cycle for that day, but feel free to try to increase weight and perform the same number of sets in the next workout. Only use this training method 3 to 4 weeks for optimal results. The premise of adaptability training is exactly what it’s name sounds like. The body is incredible at adapting to the stress (exercise) that is loaded on it. In a 5 minute interval, you might do 12-15 sets of 5 reps of each. That’s 60 reps of each instead of a more traditional 3×10 or 4×8 workouts. So because the volume has been increased, the body has to adapt to the given stress. As the body adapts to the stress, the athletes are able and capable of handling more intense training without getting hurt. The results are amazing! This is a phenomenal tool to use within a training cycle or at the beginning of a training cycle. When you complete this training of 3 to 4 weeks you should return to general strength training program. When going through an adaptability program, remember that you need to keep correct form every set. This is important as you start to get tired towards the end of your time frame. Also, make sure that you start each set as quickly as possible and do not use any rest between the sets. There is time to rest at the end of the time interval.