Accelerated Ankle Hops Band

Accl Ankle Hops Bnd

Coaching Points: 

  • Minimize knee bend: Focus on keeping your knees relatively straight throughout the exercise. Avoid excessive bending or flexion of the knees. This encourages the use of your feet and ankles to generate force, promoting lower leg strength and efficiency of movement.
  • Utilize feet and ankles: Emphasize the activation of the muscles in your feet and ankles to generate force. Concentrate on pushing off and propelling yourself forward primarily through the muscles in your feet and ankles. This will help improve foot and ankle strength and enhance overall athletic performance.
  • Make noise with your feet: Aim to generate as much noise as possible with your feet during the exercise. This can be achieved by actively striking the ground with force. The sound produced can indicate the intensity and power of your foot movements, helping you monitor and enhance your performance.
  • Focus on less ground contact: Strive to minimize the amount of time your feet spend in contact with the ground. Rapid and efficient foot strikes contribute to faster movement and improved agility. Concentrate on quick and purposeful foot placements to reduce ground contact time.
  • Engage muscles of the feet and ankles: Pay attention to activating the muscles in your feet and ankles throughout the exercise. This includes the muscles of the arch, toes, and lower leg. Develop a strong mind-muscle connection and focus on actively contracting these muscles to generate force and produce the desired foot noise.

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