Bench Press DB Oscillatory

Bench Press DB OC

Coaching Points

  • Position hands at a 45º angle: Set up your hands in a position where they are angled at approximately 45 degrees. This hand placement helps optimize your grip and stability during the exercise.
  • Bottom half 3-4″ range of motion: During the movement, focus on performing a partial range of motion. Lower the weight only about 3-4 inches from the starting position before reversing the direction. This partial range of motion allows for targeted muscle activation and helps maintain tension throughout the exercise.
  • Pull the weight back to you: Initiate the movement by pulling the weight back towards your body. This action engages the muscles of the upper body, particularly the back and shoulder muscles, as you prepare for the forceful punch.
  • Forcefully punch the weight away: Once you have pulled the weight back towards you, generate power and force by quickly and explosively extending your arms to punch the weight away from your body. Visualize delivering a forceful punch, focusing on engaging the muscles of your chest, shoulders, and arms.
  • Control the movement: Emphasize controlled movement during both the pull and the punch phases. Avoid using excessive momentum or jerking motions. Instead, focus on smooth and deliberate actions, maintaining proper form and stability throughout.