Cross-Crawl Push-Up Accelerated Paused

Push-Up Crs-Crwl Accl Pause

Coaching Points 

  • Start with one hand higher than the other: Start the exercise with hands staggered, one hand higher than the other.
  • The leg on the side of the lower hand will be in the ground: This indicates that the leg on the same side as the lower hand should remain in contact with the ground at the start of the movement.
  • Press-up as hard as possible: Exerting maximum effort and generating force during the upward phase of the push-up, focusing on pushing the body away from the ground.
  • Switch hands and feet in the air: Transitioning from one side to the other during the push-up by simultaneously lifting both hands and switching their positions while also switching the placement of the feet in the air.
  • Slam hands into the pad when coming down: Forcefully placing the hands back onto the ground or pad when descending into the bottom position of the push-up.
  • Pause for 1-2 sec in the bottom position: Pausing briefly at the bottom position of the push-up, maintaining tension and control before initiating the upward phase.