Cuban External Rotation DB Ipsi-Lateral Rebound

Cuban Ext Rot DB Ipsi Reb

Coaching Points

  • Proper setup: Begin by assuming an ipsi-lateral stance, where the same leg as the working arm is positioned forward. Hinge at the hips, keeping the chest down and maintaining a neutral spine position.
  • Arm position: Position the elbow straight out from the shoulder, creating a 90º bend at the elbow. This helps to engage the muscles of the upper body, including the shoulder, triceps, and upper back.
  • Band contact: Throughout the exercise, emphasize bouncing off the band and recovering quick to continue the exercise.
  • Tension on top of wrist: Place the tension of the band on top of the wrist, creating a stable connection between the band and your hand. This helps to maintain control and stability throughout the exercise.