Curl Band pro-sup Staggered

Curl Bnd pro-sup Stagg

  • Coaching Points
    • Stand on the middle of the band: Step onto the middle of the resistance band with both feet, ensuring that the band is securely under your feet. This will provide the tension needed for the exercise.
    • Start with palms facing down at the bottom: Begin the exercise with your palms facing down towards the ground. Your arms should be extended straight down, holding onto the handles or ends of the resistance band. This is the starting position.
    • Rotate palms so they face your body at the top: As you lift the resistance band, initiate a rotation of your palms so that they face your body at the top of the movement. This rotational motion engages the muscles of your arms, particularly the biceps and forearms.
    • Control the movement and maintain tension: Throughout the exercise, focus on controlling the movement and maintaining tension on the resistance band. Avoid letting the band snap back or losing tension at any point during the exercise. This ensures that your muscles are engaged throughout the entire range of motion.