Drop Jump Banded Hex Bar Staggered Pause

Drop Jump Bnd HB Stagg Pause

Coaching Points 

  • Set up parallel, upper body upright, shoulders back: Instruct the athlete to position their feet parallel to each other, with a hip-width distance apart. Emphasize maintaining an upright upper body posture with the shoulders pulled back. This starting position helps establish a solid foundation and proper alignment.
  • Drop quickly into a staggered stance, land on the forefront of feet: Cue the athlete to quickly drop their body into a staggered stance by stepping one foot forward and the other foot backward. Instruct them to land on the forefront of their feet, with the weight evenly distributed between the balls of the feet and the toes. Landing on the forefront of the feet activates the muscles of the lower leg and foot, promoting stability and force production.
  • Pause after landing with bent knees at the bottom position: Emphasize the importance of maintaining a slight bend in both knees upon landing. Instruct the athlete to hold this bottom position for a brief pause, usually around 1 second. The pause allows for stability and proper positioning before transitioning into the next phase.
  • Explode up after a 1-second pause: Encourage the athlete to explode upward from the bottom position after the brief pause. Cue them to forcefully extend their hips, knees, and ankles to generate maximum power and height in the jump.
  • Incorporate the Angular Shank Loading Model: Explain the concept of the Angular Shank Loading Model, which involves the sequential loading and unloading of joints during explosive movements. Instruct the athlete to focus on the proper alignment and coordination of the ankle, knee, and hip joints to optimize power, stability, and efficiency throughout the exercise.
  • This exercise incorporates the Angular Shank Loading Model – Posterior Chain Series 3.0