Glute Abduction Standing Contra-Lateral Rebound

Glute ABD Stnd Contra Reb

Coaching Points 

  • This exercise incorporates 3 Way Foot Position Integration for Athletes Posterior Chain Series 
  • Contralateral arm support: Position the contralateral arm (opposite arm) against a stable surface, such as a wall or post, to provide support and stability throughout the exercise. This will help maintain balance and control during the movement.
  • Straight leg position: Keep the working leg straight throughout the exercise. Maintain a slight bend in the knee, but avoid excessive bending or flexing during the movement.
  • Forceful slamming action: Focus on forcefully slamming the outside of your leg into the band as fast as possible. Generate power through the posterior chain by engaging the glutes, hamstrings, and calf muscles. Visualize pushing your leg away from your body with explosive strength.
  • Come off the band each repetition: After each repetition, quickly disengage from the band and reset your position. This ensures that you start each repetition from a static and controlled position, allowing for maximum power and force production.
  • 3 Way Foot Position Integration: Incorporate three different foot positions into the exercise: neutral, inversion, eversion. Perform repetitions in each foot position to target various muscles within the posterior chain and promote overall lower body strength and stability.