Hip Flex Standing Band NXCIT Rebound

Hip Flex Stnd Bnd NXCIT Reb

Coaching Points 

  • Lean torso forward: Maintain a slight forward lean in your torso throughout the exercise. This helps engage your core and promotes proper alignment for generating power and maintaining balance.
  • Opposite leg and hand position: Attach the resistance band around one leg, and simultaneously hold the opposite hand with the palm facing up. This position creates a diagonal tension across your body, engaging multiple muscle groups.
  • Forceful knee drive: As you perform the movement, focus on hitting the resistance band as hard as you can with your knee. Generate a powerful knee drive to create separation from the band, challenging your muscles and promoting explosive strength.
  • Touch the ground: Ensure that the foot of the working leg touches the ground with each repetition. This touch serves as a reference point, helping you maintain stability and control throughout the exercise.
  • Utilize hip flexor: Keep your upper body relatively still during the movement, emphasizing the use of your hip flexor on the working leg. By minimizing excessive movement in your upper body, you can maximize the engagement of the targeted muscles and optimize your performance.