Lateral Crossover Straight Leg Sprint Start Chain Resisted

LAT X-Over STL Sprint Start Chain Res

Coaching Points

  • Resistance equipment: Attach resistance chains to add resistance to your sprint. Make sure the equipment is securely fastened to your body or the sled, ensuring it won’t come loose during the sprint.
  • Push with the rear leg: Focus on pushing with the rear leg to generate power and propel yourself forward. Drive through the ground with your rear foot, engaging the muscles of the posterior chain, such as the glutes and hamstrings.
  • Pull with the lead leg: Simultaneously, pull with the lead leg to create tension and resistance against the forward movement. Imagine pulling the ground back with your lead leg, engaging the muscles of the anterior chain, such as the quadriceps and hip flexors.
  • Cross over with the rear leg: As you push and pull, incorporate a crossover step with the rear leg. Bring the rear leg across the body and in front of the lead leg. This action adds lateral movement and challenges the muscles in a different plane of motion.
  • Maintain proper alignment: Pay attention to your body’s alignment throughout the exercise. Keep your torso upright, shoulders back and down, and core engaged. Avoid excessive leaning or hunching forward, as it can compromise your form and stability.