Primetime Bent Knee Starts Chain Resisted

Primetime BK Starts Chain Res

Gen 4 Programs with Primetime in them for maximum speed and coordination 

Coaching Points

  • Triphasic Thoracic Tuck Method – Anterior Sling Series 1.0
  • Resistance equipment: Attach resistance chains to add resistance to your sprint. Make sure the equipment is securely fastened to your body or the sled, ensuring it won’t come loose during the sprint.
  • Starting position: Position yourself in a low, athletic stance with your feet slightly staggered. Place your front foot slightly ahead and under your hip, while the back foot should be positioned with the heel slightly off the ground.
  • Claw the ground with the big toe: Focus on forcefully clawing the ground with your front foot’s big toe. This action will help generate power and initiate the drive phase of the sprint.
  • Maintain a slightly bent knee: Keep a slight bend in your knee throughout the sprint. This position allows for quick and powerful movements, promoting efficient force production.
  • Triphasic Thoracic Tuck Method: The Triphasic Thoracic Tuck Method focuses on engaging the anterior sling muscles, which include the abs, obliques, and hip flexors. During the sprint, concentrate on engaging these muscles by maintaining a slight tuck of the thoracic spine and activating your core.

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