Primetime Mini Bent Knee Starts 1080 Assisted

Primetime Mini BK Start 1080 Assist

Coaching Points:

  • Maintain a slight bend in the knees: Throughout the movement, maintain a slight bend in your knees. This position allows for better shock absorption, stability, and the ability to generate force efficiently.
  • Drive through the big toe: As you push off the ground, focus on driving through the big toe of your foot. This action helps activate the muscles in your lower leg and propels you forward with maximum force.
  • Emphasize a powerful and explosive push-off to generate speed. Propel yourself forward: Visualize propelling yourself forward with each stride. Imagine driving your body forward and maintaining a forward lean to optimize your speed and momentum. Maintain a strong and confident posture throughout the movement.
  • Attack the ground: As you make contact with the ground, envision attacking it with each step. Focus on a quick and forceful foot strike, utilizing the full surface area of your foot to optimize propulsion and energy transfer. Minimize ground contact time by pushing off forcefully with each stride.

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