Push Up Band Cross-Crawl Accelerated NXCIT

Push Up Bnd Crs-Crwl Accl NXCIT


  • Coaching Points
    • Staggered Position: Begin with your hands staggered, with one hand slightly higher than the other. The lower hand should be on the same side as the foot that’s on the ground.
    • Explosive Movement: Focus on generating power and explosiveness as you execute the movement. Drive off the ground forcefully with your legs and hips to initiate the upward motion.
    • Alternate Stagger: As you explode up, quickly switch the position of your hands and feet. The hand that was lower should now be higher, and vice versa. This helps to evenly distribute the work and engage different muscles.
    • Coordination: Pay attention to the coordination between your hands and feet. The timing of the hand switch should be synchronized with the foot movement to maintain balance and efficiency.
    • Forceful Hand Strikes: When your hands reach the top of the movement, drive them forcefully into a pad or target. This helps to develop upper body power and adds an element of resistance to the exercise.
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