Razor Curl 3 Band Assisted Resisted Rebound

Razor Curl 3 Bnd Asst Res Reb

Coaching Points: 

  • This exercise incorporates 3 Way Foot Position Integration for Athletes Posterior Chain Series
  • This exercise incorporates the Angular Shank Loading Model – Posterior Chain Series 3.0
  • Upper body parallel to the ground: Throughout the exercise, focus on keeping your upper body parallel to the ground. This position helps maintain proper alignment and engages the appropriate muscles for the movement.
  • Perform a powerful jump off the foot plate: Approach each repetition as a powerful jump off the foot plate. Generate explosive force through your lower body to propel yourself off the ground.
  • Recoil and transition into another rep: After each jump, quickly recoil and prepare for the next repetition. Minimize any downtime between jumps to maintain a continuous and dynamic flow.
  • Perform reps with power and speed: Emphasize power and speed during each repetition. Aim to explode off the foot plate and achieve maximum distance with each jump.

Power Set Up

Speed Set Up