Rear Delt DB Quadruped Ipsi Lateral Cocontraction

Rear Delt DB Quad Ipsi COC

Coaching points

  • Resistance band setup: Attach the resistance band securely to a fixed anchor or use a specialized band attachment designed for this exercise. Make sure the band provides appropriate resistance for your strength level and training goals.
  • Set-Up: Movement is quadruped, meaning being down on all fours. Place hand in bands so 1 band is below, and 3 are on top.
  • Ipsilateral movement: Coordinate the movement of your right arm and right leg, moving them forward simultaneously. This creates an ipsilateral movement pattern, where the same-side limbs work together. Maintain proper form and alignment throughout the exercise.
  • Forceful hitting action: Focus on hitting the band with force using your right arm. Drive your arm forward explosively, engaging the muscles of the shoulder, chest, and arm. Visualize pushing through the resistance of the band and generating power with each hit.
  • Coming off the band each repetition: After each hit, quickly disengage from the band and reset your position. This allows for a quick and explosive movement for each repetition. Ensure that you maintain control and stability as you transition between reps.
  • Speed and repetition: Perform the exercise as fast as possible while maintaining proper form and control. Emphasize the speed of the hitting action and the quickness of the movement. However, prioritize quality over quantity to avoid sacrificing technique.