Rear Delt Quadruped Ipsi-Lateral Cocontraction

Rear Delt Quad Ipsi COC

  • Coaching Points
    • Alignment: Emphasize the importance of proper alignment throughout the exercise. Instruct the individual to align their torso parallel to the floor, maintaining a neutral spine position.
    • Limb positioning: Encourage the individual to lift the same arm and same leg off the ground, maintaining a stable base with the opposite arm and leg on the floor. The lifted arm should be extended straight out in front, creating a 90º angle with the body.
    • Pinky up: Highlight the cue of keeping the pinky finger facing upwards during the movement. This helps in maintaining proper alignment of the arm and shoulder, engaging the correct muscles, and preventing excessive rotation or shoulder drop.
    • Rapid powerful movements: Emphasize performing the exercise with speed and power. Encourage the individual to explode from the starting position, lifting the arm and leg off the ground forcefully. This helps in developing strength, stability, and coordination.