Split Lunge Plate Side Banded Ipsi-Lateral

Split Lunge PLT Side Bnd Ipsi


Coaching Points

  • Focus on full range of motion: Encourage your athletes to perform each split lunge with a full range of motion. The back knee should come close to touching the ground, while the front knee stays in line with the ankle. This will engage the muscles more effectively and maximize the benefits of the exercise.
  • Maintain proper form and balance: Emphasize the importance of maintaining proper form and balance throughout the movement. The torso should be upright. Remind athletes to keep their weight evenly distributed between the front and back legs to avoid excessive strain on one side.
  • Generate power through the lead leg: When performing split lunges with rotation, instruct your athletes to focus on generating power through the lead leg. The weight and direction of rotation should be on the same side as the lead leg. This will help optimize the rotational force and enhance the effectiveness of the exercise.
  • Emphasize quick switches and smooth transitions: Encourage athletes to switch positions quickly between each lunge. This will help maintain momentum and intensity throughout the set. Emphasize the need for smooth and controlled transitions to ensure proper form and prevent injuries.
  • Sticking the landing: Encourage athletes to focus on sticking the landing after each switch. Emphasize landing softly with control to minimize the impact on the joints. Remind them to absorb the landing with the leg muscles rather than relying solely on joint impact.