Yuri Pull Band Paused 

Yuri Pull Bnd Pause

Gen 4 Programs with the Yuri in them for maximum speed and coordination 

Coaching Points

  • Pronate hand on the swinging leg side: Instruct the athlete to pronate their hand (rotate the palm downward) on the side of the leg that is swinging forward during the exercise. This hand position helps to facilitate coordination and proper movement sequencing.
  • Supinate hand on the working leg side: Cue the athlete to supinate their hand (rotate the palm upward) on the side of the leg that is actively engaged in the exercise. This hand position helps to activate the muscles of the working leg and upper body.
  • Drive through the big toe to fully extend the leg: Emphasize the importance of driving through the big toe of the working leg to generate power and fully extend the leg during the movement. Encourage the athlete to focus on pushing off forcefully from the ground using the big toe.
  • Push hips forward: Instruct the athlete to drive their hips forward during the movement. This action helps to engage the hip extensors and promote proper alignment and coordination of the lower body.
  • Drive the opposite knee forward: Cue the athlete to drive the knee of the swinging leg forward as the working leg extends. This movement promotes hip flexor activation and proper movement coordination.
  • Pause for 1 second before the next repetition: Encourage the athlete to pause briefly (around 1 second) after each repetition. This pause allows for stability, control, and resetting before starting the next repetition.
  • This exercise incorporates 3 Way Foot Position Integration for Athletes Posterior Chain Series 
  • This exercise incorporates the Integrated Foot Shift-Posterior Chain Series 4.0
  • Triphasic Thoracic Tuck Method – Anterior Sling Series 1.0