Recovery Protocol: Two Game Weekend 


(Recovery Day in Between) 

Follow these steps to complete the protocol:

  • Note: Athlete should complete light warm up or walk early in the morning prior to breakfast

Day 1:

Post-Game 1 (Parasympathetic Re-activation)

    1. Five to Ten Flush Bike Ride (HR between 100-120)
    2. Dive Response (warm water in mouth, ice on face while holding breath)
    3. Wall Leg Shakes
    4. Band Hip Stretching
    5. Band Traction or Glute Ham Hang
    6. Roll Out (If wanted)
    7. NormaTec
    8. Individualized Supplementation
      • Protein intake (post-game meal)
      • Casein intake (pre-bed)
      • Carb re-loading (post-game meal)
    9. NormaTec

Day 2:

Post-Pre-Game Practice (Parasympathetic Re-activation)

  1. RPR
  2. Wall Leg Shakes
  3. Band Traction or Glute Ham Hang
  4. NormaTec

Day 3:

Pre-Game 2

  1. RPR
  2. Standard Warm Up

Three Options for Recovery on Sunday:

  1. Sauna protocol
  2. Epsom salt bath protocol
  3. 20 to 30 minute nasal breathing only walk
    • Barefoot if possible
    • During sunset after last meal of day if possible 
    • Listen to binaural beats
    • Listen to Oms after