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In this article, we delve into the world of the Triphasic Triple Stack, a training concept used by athletes to enhance sport-specific hip extension during exercises such as squats, step-ups, and pit sharks. This method, developed over years of experimentation, has shown remarkable results in improving athletic performance, especially when compared to traditional vertical shin squats. Maintaining vertical shins is a valuable technique and concept in powerlifting within certain federations. However, it may not be highly applicable to specific sports and may not yield significant performance results. In this article, we will explore the key principles behind the Triphasic Triple Stack and its significance in sports training.

The Evolution of Triphasic Training

The origin of the Triphasic Triple Stack dates back to 2005 when it was first introduced into athletic training. Initially met with skepticism by some many coaches that are my peers, particularly those unfamiliar with the intricacies of sport-specific movements, it gained was used by track coaches for decades and even high school track coaches who understood the value of this approach. 

The Starting Position

At the core of the Triphasic Triple Stack lies the starting position for various exercises, such as the safety bar split squat and step-up. This position involves having the knee positioned over the toes, but it may vary slightly depending on the exercise and whether dumbbells are used. The concept of neurological cross-crawl integration (NXCIT)(coming soon) plays a significant role in this method, ensuring that the body’s positioning aligns with the natural gait cycle.

Floating Heel Technique

One distinctive feature of the triphasic Triple Stack it incorporates is the incorporation of the floating heel technique. This technique involves the ankle rocker method, which involves raising the big toe on the way down and squeezing it down on the way up with hip extension, which engages the glutes with the toe glute reflex. This action mimics the ankle rocker concept, which is vital for proper hip extension in athletic movements.

The Role of Toe Squeeze from the Ankle Rocker Concept

Squeezing the big toe and pulling the toes into the ground during exercises is similar to the Babinski reflex, a crucial pattern in activating the glutes in the right sequence. This reflex not only keeps the glutes firing correctly but also contributes to the overall stability and power of the movement.

The Foot’s Importance

One of the central tenets of the Triphasic Triple Stack is the emphasis on foot strength and function. The foot is the only part of the body that touches the ground during various athletic activities, including running. Therefore, it is essential to train the foot to be strong and stable. Weak arches or collapsing knees (valgus) often result from foot issues rather than glute weakness, highlighting the need for coaches to address these concerns.

The Science Behind the Stack

The Triphasic Triple Stack is grounded in much research, particularly in understanding the relationship between torso and glute activation. By aligning the torso and shin angles, athletes can maximize glute activation during hip extension, resulting in more powerful movements.

Benefits of Triphasic Triple Stack

Enhanced Vertical Jump: Traditional flat-footed vertical shin squats may yield limited results in vertical jump training. The Triphasic Triple Stack engages the calf and foot, promoting better dynamic correspondence with athletic movements.

Acceleration Power: Exercises like the pitch shark step-up, when performed using the Triphasic Triple Stack method, can significantly improve an athlete’s acceleration power. This technique focuses on driving the hip into the foot while maintaining proper glute activation. Which will transfer to athletic performance.

Improved Glute Patterns: Correct glute activation patterns are crucial for athletic performance. The Triphasic Triple Stack helps establish and reinforce these patterns, leading to more efficient movements.


The Triphasic Triple Stack represents a groundbreaking approach to sport-specific hip extension training. With its emphasis on foot strength, proper glute activation, and alignment of the body’s angles, this method has shown significant promise in enhancing athletic performance. Coaches and athletes alike can benefit from incorporating the Triphasic Triple Stack into their training routines, potentially unlocking new levels of power and agility on the field or track.

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