Triphasic Triple Stack –

Posterior Chain Series 9.0

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“Triphasic Triple Stack – Posterior Chain Series 9.0” discusses a training method for sport-specific hip extension exercises. The presenter introduces the concept of the triphasic triple stack, which focuses on positioning athletes for exercises such as step-ups and pitch sharks to enhance transfer into sports movements. The video emphasizes the importance of foot function and ankle rocker concepts in these lifts, aiming to train the foot to be strong since it is the only part touching the ground during running. The presenter demonstrates various exercises, including the safety bar split squat and floating heel technique, which involve driving the big toe into the ground and activating the glute muscles. The video also discusses the Babinski reflex and its role in glute firing and hip stabilization. Additionally, the presenter highlights the significance of proper foot engagement in vertical jumps and plyometrics, emphasizing the involvement of the calf and foot in generating force when running. The video concludes by discussing the activation pattern for hip extension and showcasing examples of athletes in the optimal position for explosive movements. The presenter encourages coaches to be aware of foot weaknesses, particularly related to the arch and emphasizes the benefits of incorporating these concepts into training programs.