Drop Jump Banded Hex Bar Staggered Alternating

Drop Jump Bnd HB Stagg Alt

Coaching Points

Staggered Stance: Start by positioning yourself in a staggered stance with one foot slightly forward and the other foot slightly back.

Snap down hard into this stance on your forefoot, ensuring that your weight is distributed evenly between both feet. This will provide a stable base for the exercise. Snap Down: When transitioning into the staggered stance, focus on snapping down quickly and explosively. This means bringing your back foot forward forcefully and landing on the balls of your feet. This action helps generate power and prepares your body for the next phase of the exercise.

Ground Reaction Force: As you jump out of the staggered stance, emphasize punching the ground with your feet. This action creates a strong ground reaction force, allowing you to explode upward and generate maximum vertical power. Imagine driving your feet into the ground as if you’re trying to leave imprints or punch through the floor. Angular Shank Loading Model:

The Angular Shank Loading Model focuses on optimizing the loading and unloading of energy through the lower extremities. As you snap down and punch the ground, aim to efficiently transfer energy through your ankle joint, lower leg, and into your muscles. This will help enhance your overall performance and power output during the exercise.

This plyometric exercise utilizes the Angular Shank Loading Model – Posterior Chain Series 4.0 to help improve your overall athleticism. To optimize the quality of your training, it is essential to align it with the natural leg and foot position of the body, when focusing on speed, power, and strength phases. When performing this exercise, you should strive to have a hard landing into an athletic split or staggered stance in order to maximize the benefits. After landing, you must explosively jump up, generating maximum power and energy by utilizing the energy stored within your tendons and muscles from the eccentric loading of the previous phase. To further increase the benefits of this exercise, try incorporating various elements such as adding arm movements or box jumps when jumping off from the ground. Doing this will not only help increase muscular strength and endurance but also stimulate neuromuscular coordination, agility, and reactivity which are all key components for improving performance.

Short name
Drop Jmp Bnd Hex Bar Stg Alt – this is short name for the exercise

Simple Coaching Points

  • Start with good posture, feet hip-width apart, and stand tall.
  • Drop down quickly, coiling hips back while keeping slight forward lean and weight on midfoot/balls of feet.
  • Perform a quick and explosive movement, pulling yourself into the ground.
  • Land in an athletic stance, chest up, back straight, shoulders over knees and toes.
  • Explode straight up, fully extending the body at the top of the jump for maximal height.