Dumbbell Incline Bench Press 2POC

– Coaching Points for 2POC Incline Dumbbell Press

– Big chest/back tight

– Hold dumbbell with a shoulder width grip or slightly wider at the bottom

-At the top dumbbells come close together

-Drive back into the bench

-Elbows stay directly underneath the dumbbells and close to the body

-Do not wing out your elbows

-Butt stays on the bench

-Pull the dumbbells down as fast as possible and stop just above the chest

-Oscillation starts at the bottom (disadvantageous position)

-Movement should be like turning on and off a light switch fast

-Oscillation should be 2 to 3 inches

-After Oscillation is over return dumbbells to the top (advantageous position) as fast as possible and oscillate

-Finish with at least one full rep at high speed