Gripper Overhand

Gripper OH


Coaching Points: 

  • Overhand Grip: Encourage athletes to use an overhand grip, where both palms are facing away from the body. Emphasize the importance of gripping the bar firmly to maintain control and stability during the exercise. Advise athletes to position their hands slightly wider than shoulder-width apart, allowing for proper engagement of the target muscles.
  • Thumb Placement: Instruct athletes to wrap their thumbs around the bar when using the overhand grip. This provides additional support and helps to prevent the bar from slipping out of their hands. Caution against a thumbless grip (also known as a false grip), where the thumb is not wrapped around the bar. This grip can be unstable and increase the risk of dropping the weight.
  • Full Range of Motion: Emphasize the importance of performing exercises through their complete range of motion. This ensures proper muscle activation and development. Demonstrate the desired range of motion for each exercise, providing clear instructions on starting and ending positions. Encourage athletes to avoid partial reps or using momentum to complete the movement, as this can limit the effectiveness of the exercise and increase the risk of injury.