Hamstring Bent Knee Supine Kicks Single Leg w/Leg Lift Oscillatory Isometric

Ham BK Sup Kicks SL w/Leg Lift OCI

Coaching Points 

  • This exercise incorporates 3 Way Foot Position Integration for Athletes Posterior Chain Series
  • Supine position: Start by lying on your back in a supine position, with your legs extended and your arms relaxed by your sides. This is the starting position for the exercise.
  • Point toes down/away from you: As you initiate the movement, focus on pointing your toes down and away from your body. This foot position helps engage the appropriate muscles and facilitates proper movement mechanics.
  • Push through the big toe to raise hips slightly off the ground: Engage the muscles in your lower body, specifically the glutes and hamstrings, and push through the big toe of each foot to raise your hips slightly off the ground. This action activates the posterior chain and helps lift your body into the desired position.
  • Stay in contact with the band for the duration of the exercise: Throughout the exercise, make sure to maintain constant tension on the resistance band. Keep the band in contact with your feet or lower legs to provide the necessary resistance and engage the targeted muscles effectively.
  • Control the movement: Focus on controlling the movement as you raise your hips off the ground. Avoid using excessive momentum or jerking motions. Instead, engage the muscles and lift your hips in a smooth and controlled manner. This helps maintain stability and ensures the muscles are properly activated.